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BNPL, Communities... Your Monday Morning Coffee, With Spaycial #20

What is the Monday Morning Coffee with Spaycial? Every Monday morning, our editorial team brings you 5 need-to-know news from its weekly readings, to read in less than 5 minutes.

What's on today's menu?

1. Buy Now Pay Later is looking for white-label platforms

Fintech Magazine calls it "a Fintech and Retailer Revolution". "Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is not shrinking anytime soon. In 2022, regulation will make this market safer for shoppers, changing the way retailers and lenders collaborate to deliver new and innovative solutions at the point of sale. Most online retailers now offer some form of BNPL option at checkout, and many offer more than one, partnering with multiple fintechs. With a booming market, there are naturally many different solutions on offer, as more and more players seek to enter the market. One solution that solves this issue that both lenders and retailers face is a white-label retail finance platform that connects the two together."

Discover how Spaycial brings "Buy Now Pay Later"
to a whole new level thanks to payment data

2. Getting the right products to the right people, at the right time and at the right price

We truly enjoyed reading this special article on Total Retail on the one goal any retailer is trying to reach : Sell More of the Right Product to the Right Person — At the Right Time and Price. "To do this, organizations must take a data-driven approach — leveraging the broad scale of their data and optimizing it across the business. This starts by integrating a robust data architecture, which allows teams from different areas of the organization to access a broad spectrum of diverse information." This is exactly what we offer. Check this out in our leaflet. 

Downlaod our Leaflet

3. Should you do Community Commerce ?

This article by Forbes targets one key element we focus on : brands' communities. 
"Community commerce sits at the intersection of community, content and pathways for actionable commerce. Unlike "social commerce," which started when social media sites added commerce layers, community commerce starts with community". And this is interesting for us, because retailers and brands might be wondering whether there’s a community around their brand. "This is where loyalty programs, membership and other data can help you determine the health of your community." And this is exactly where we step in.

4. The future of malls in China

Let's take a trip to China during the Beijing Olympics with Jing Daily to discover the 4 trends shaping the future of shopping malls. One of those trends is the phenomenon of “retailtainment”  as upscale malls have slowly become leisure destinations. Especially since those leisure services and benefits are usually offered to programme members. 

On that topic, you can read How we reward shoppers with Westfield 

5. Shoppers Will Be Looking for Meaning in 2022

What does this... mean? "Shoppers are searching for an experience, an expression of belonging, an articulation of their place in the world. That’s a lot to ask of a retail transaction but brands which rise to this challenge, and use it to deepen and redefine their relationships with their customers, have an opportunity to win lasting loyalty". What a powerful and meaningful article by Triple Pundit. Catch up with the 5 key ways this trend is playing out.