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Thrive in Brick & Mortar, Gen Z & retailers in the Metaverse... Your Monday Morning Coffee #26

What is the Monday Morning Coffee? Every Monday morning, our editorial team brings you 5 need-to-know news from its weekly readings, to read in less than 5 minutes.

What's on today's menu?

1. Trends To Recognize To Thrive in Brick and Mortar Today

Newsweek Magazine asks this one key questions for brands, retailers and shopping places : "What do shoppers want from my brick-and-mortar locations?" From in-store experiences to in-store curation to embracing inflation and offering digital signage, this article takes you through the best trends to follow. It's a data-based piece with great information for retailers to attract as many shoppers as possible in the best of fashion.

2. Gen Z set to lead retailers into the Metaverse

"For most retailers, the metaverse is a fuzzy, mind-bending concept that is hard to define", writes Forbes which gives a proper exploratory session and tuto to wannabe Metaversed-retailers, because this is where the next generation is. Who's ready for virtual stores?

3. Transactional Loyalty Programs not a Shopper favorite

"Designing a successful loyalty strategy demands a deeper understanding of today's consumers." On that, we fully agree with Retail Customer Experience. Here are 8 findings below to keep in mind.

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4. Amid Inflation, Loyalty Programs as Popular as Ever

Are programs and inflation an odd couple? Not that much actually. "A loyalty program incentivizes repeat visits to a place – and that increases the likelihood of creating a new relationship with an employee, owner" writes the Food Institute. "People want to participate, they just need the relationship to be totally clear in terms of what the communications, expectations and rewards will be."

5. Buy Now Pay Later is popular with online shoppers

Inflation and shopping still, right? "45% of respondents said they chose Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) because they expected to have more money later and 34% of respondents said BNPL allows them to make purchases otherwise not in their budget", shares this Forbes Advisor article. Also because BNPL doesn't target big tickets only but mostly casual shopping. "In fact, 49% of respondents chose that they had used BNPL for mid-range clothing, shoes and accessory purchases."

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