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Cookies, Shopper Engagement... Your Monday Morning Coffee, With Spaycial #19

What is the Monday Morning Coffee with Spaycial? Every Monday morning, our editorial team brings you 5 need-to-know news from its weekly readings, to read in less than 5 minutes.

What's on today's menu?

1. It's getting hot for cookies

According to the Financial TimesGoogle is facing a complaint from the largest publishers and advertisers in Germany. They are demanding that the EU block the search giant’s plan to stop the use of third-party cookies in 2023. "The decision blocks advertisers, publishers and intermediaries from analysing users’ preferences while they browse online content — a critical blow to how the industry generates revenues." But, what if there was a solid alternative to cookies? Read our piece on cookies and the future of tracking shoppers online

2. Retailers, here comes... Amazon!

Amazon has a new kind of retailer in its sights: physical clothing stores. Quite a move in a post-pandemic shopping world. It will be quite an omnichannel store as The New York Times adds that "store customers would be able to use an Amazon Shopping app to send items to a fitting room or the pickup counter."

3. A look at the future of the relationships between people and brands

How can brands engage and encourage consumers to keep coming back? That's Forbes question in this article on "The Evolution Of Consumer Engagement". We particularly loved this quote : "brands continually finding ways to interact with customers that reflect how they live, not just how they interact with that particular brand."

4. Guess what ? Buy Now Pay Later is still booming

"BNPL services have increased in popularity and valuation", informs ITWeb which then adds "BNPL is here to stay. Consumers worldwide love the seamless, point-of-sale experience of buying products on instalment with zero interest; retailers love that BNPL is a simple, low-fee way for consumers to pay; fintechs and banks love how BNPL opens up an entirely ‘new world’ of digital lending." We couldn't agree more with that description. Discover our Buy Now Pay Later shopping benefit based on payment data.

5. NRF 2022 is a wrap

Last week we were at NRF in NYC, and we're glad to be part of this article on La Revue du Digital, being called a "boosted by digital business innovator".