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Transaction Connect becomes Spaycial

A milestone for the French fintech shopper-experience oriented company as it is celebrating its fifth birthday this September 23rd, by rebranding itself to become  Spaycial. This change of name, visual identity, services and website is not a change of vision but a better embodiment of its values and daily work, a better representation of the current retail and shopping market in comparison to the company's debut in 2016.

We can now fully embrace who we are, says Didier Gasté, CEO and co-founder of the company. “We dared to do a lot of things, but we were too conformist about our branding, which did not match our mission”.

"We want everyone to feel special"

The company wanted to show an image closer to the services it delivers: special offers and special care for brands, retailers and shoppers. The ACPR-Banque de France-approved payment institution, since 2018, makes payment data accessible, secured and enhanced, to create a never-seen-before mutual value for people and brands. 2018 also marked a turning point as its third-party provider authorization to collect data and interact with banks made the company shopper-facing, with its brand and logo showing up on the consent page. “We needed a more B2C and friendly name”, explains Didier Gasté. Adding : “Spaycial stands for cool shopping that no one experiences in the same way. We want everyone to feel special”.

Spaycial also relies on a workforce of special talents. The two founders, Didier and Maxime, designed a team of tailored retail and startup experts. With 30 people from more than 10 different nationalities, Spaycial embraces its international DNA and current dynamic. “We're not a conventional company and we wanted to capture that'', adds Didier Gasté. “Our team symbolizes our values, from caring to team spirit, boldness, fun and flexibility, in their business, work and personality. All of this was not embodied by a name that was too formal. We can now say that we’re Spaycialists!”

Spaycial plans to go live in 3 new countries (UK, Germany, Netherlands) by the end of 2021 and is ready to deploy new cutting-edge shopping features. The company believes that with better informed brands come better rewarded shoppers. “Natively omnichannel, payment data is the most relevant data to understand shopping behaviours and build tailor-made omnichannel customer experience, especially in a post-cookie era”, reminds Didier Gasté.

About Spaycial
Spaycial enables better relationships between people and brands, by turning payment data into shopping behaviour clues. It offers an analytics and marketing automation suite built on this very data. The French Fintech understands consumer behaviours to deliver marketing activations and engagement, helping brands have cutting edge insights to offer personalized and automated services, unattainable until now, to regular and new customers, and ultimately increase their revenues.

Spaycial is an ACPR-Banque de France-approved payment institution since 2018, a license allowing this service to collect payment data, which makes it easy for shopping enthusiasts to be rewarded for purchases in their favorite stores. It is live in 7 countries in Europe (France, Spain, Poland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic).

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