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Brick and Mortar, Women in Fintech... Your Monday Morning Coffee #22

What is the Monday Morning Coffee with Spaycial? Every Monday morning, our editorial team brings you 5 need-to-know news from its weekly readings, to read in less than 5 minutes. This week, our heart first goes out to all people affected by the war in Ukraine.

What's on today's menu?

1. Make It Personal

Here's a great week starter : "Whatever type of omnichannel marketing and loyalty strategy a retailer adopts, it’s essential that the digital approach leads to a personal touch." This article by CStore Decisions tells us that retailers are learning that the shopper relationship is still about personalization. Nailed it!

2. What's up for Brick and Mortar Retail in 2022?

"Shopper studies have found that shoppers like purchasing items online or in-app, then picking them up curbside or in-store." Brick and mortar has evolved more in the past 2 years than in any other recent span of history and it's actually a good thing as retailers need to embrace the new-gem shoppers who go from online to offline and from offline to online (halo effect). Read more on this piece from Nasdaq.

3. Women in Fintech

We have a long way to go in seeing more equal gender representation when it comes to leadership roles in our field of fintech, but TechCrunch shows in this piece this weekend that things are going in the right direction. "It feels like we are seeing an increasing number of fintech startups led by females and I’m very much here for it," says the author, naming glorious company examples such as Piñata or Siteline.

4. Birth of a French Retail Tech

Last week, La Retail Tech saw the light of day, the first community that brings together and activates all those passionate about innovation, working  to design tomorrow's commerce in France and abroad. We are a proud founding member of this community, along with 40 other great companies

Spaycial Retail Tech

5. New-gen malls in a  post covid era

One of the shopping destinations we all know and love is shopping malls. And here's how "How malls are luring shoppers" nowadays, according to CNN : "Malls morph into family entertainment destinations where shopping may not even be what draws shoppers in." Great read and ideas, from pickleball to virtual golf, skydiving and craft beer.