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10 things to know about payment data

Payment data is the most relevant first party data to understand shoppers behaviour. It is the ultimate shopping behavior knowledge.
Here's our exclusive (and free) infographic on the top ten things you need to know about this unique data which will help you grow your business and build stronger relationships between your brand and shoppers communities.


1. The ultimate shopping behavior knowledge

It’s the ultimate shopping behavior knowledge, first-party and natively omnichannel, to build the best new-gen personalized shopping journey, online and offline, and relationships between shoppers and brands.

2. Never seen before insights

Its analysis gives access to never seen before insights about shoppers’ spending to take better decisions and provide members with exclusive benefits.

3. Traditional data belongs to the past...

It sends back traditional data (footfall, wifi) to the stoneage. Payment data is a gold mine, from frequency of visits to number of stores visited, average basket per store, penetration rate, halo effect...

4. ... so do Third-Party Cookies!

It is the best replacement of soon-to-disappear third-party cookies : with payment data, your shopper knowledge is finally optimum : “you buy what you buy”

5. Safer for shoppers

It’s safer for shoppers : PSD2 -which secured payment data access-, GDPR and 90-day consent all protect shoppers like never before.

6. Catchment area vision

As it opens the door to a catchment area vision, it gives you a unique leverage to outperform competition and attract more shoppers.

7. In & out-of-program, in & out-of-store

With in & out-of-program, in & out-of-store analysis, your knowledge of shoppers goes further than ever.

8. Refined segmentation of shoppers

It allows a refined segmentation of shoppers leading to top-notch marketing activation, from anti-churn to next purchase intent and brand affinity campaigns

9. A simple card linking

To launch payment data-based strategies, brands simply need shoppers to linked their card at payment to enjoy their exclusive benefits : rewards, cashback, Buy Now Pay Later, VIP offers...

10. Easily integrable

Payment data is easily integrable (no hardware nor POS integration needed) in your programs or CRM thanks to a payment service provider.

You can download our free infographic here.