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Introducing our Spaycialists. Meet Nicolas, VP Engineering

This segment welcomes our new joiners with 3 questions. It gives you the opportunity to discover where they're from and what they strive for. After meeting Michela and Matthieu last month, we ran another interview with Nicolas, our new VP of Engineering. Here's his story.

Where are you from, where have you been? What do you remember from your youth years and life that would define you today?

I was born in Valenciennes, in North of France. I got a passion for sciences and technologies since I was a kid. I was lucky enough to have a personal computer during my school years. Yes, that was some time ago when PCs weren't so popular yet. I’ve first started programming my TI calculator to rapidly switch to my first computer, a brand-new Zenith PC! This passion led me to study engineering and computer science to then start my career as a software engineer.

Tell us about your job? What does a VP of Engineering do? Are there any specific skills for this job?

This role is key in a company like Spaycial which delivers high technology solutions. This job focuses on managing tech teams and delivering products. The responsibilities include driving technology, software development and data engineering with a constant focus on business and product requirements, delivering high-quality solutions on-time.

What’s the best thing about your work and how Spaycial could help you develop it and make you appreciate it even more?

Here, at Spaycial, I have a unique chance to join a company with great product vision, excellent technology, and proven track record. I’m looking forward to bringing my experience and knowledge to the success of Spaycial. I've already learned a lot from working with the team since I've started. This early collaboration has been key to help me ramp up rapidly. I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received during my first days. It’s now time for me to become a Spaycialist!