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Introducing our Spaycialists. Meet Rihab, Account Executive

This segment welcomes our new joiners with 3 questions. It gives you the opportunity to discover where they're from and what they strive for. After meeting Michela, Matthieu and Nicolas those past few weeks, we ran another interview with Rihab, our new Account Executive. Here's her story.

Where did you grow up as a kid and what’s the best thing you remember about it?

I am Tunisian. I was born in Sfax, the second largest city and economic center of Tunisia. What I remember of my childhood is this "lost" corner of the country called "Salakta". It’s a very small and cozy village by the sea, where I used to spend the summer holidays with my family. Like all other teenagers, I always dreamed of going to more exciting and livelier locations. But over the years, I learned to appreciate this quiet and peaceful village.
I also remember this was the first place I used to jog at first light. At that time, I never thought I would be able to run a marathon. Guess what? I did my first marathon in October 2021! It was a big achievement for me which I will remember all my life!

When did you decide to move to France?

I always wanted to live and work abroad to discover new cultures. An opportunity came in 2006, the year I graduated from high school, to pursue my studies in France. Five years later, I got a master’s degree in financial markets. I had the chance to work in different environments from Financial Markets for 6 years (in Paris and London), to the consulting industry for 4 years.

What do you like in your work and how Spaycial helps you accomplish it?

I have always been interested in customer-facing positions and stimulated by clients’ meetings. I thrived building trust-based long-term relationships with my clients, by making sure that the products and services I provided met their specific needs.
At Spaycial, I will have the opportunity not only to keep doing this but also to evolve in a very innovative environment with a very promising offer.