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Bringing "Buy Now Pay Later" to a whole new level thanks to payment data

At Spaycial, we deliver strategic solutions to our clients, whether they are retailers, brands or shopping places, and to the shoppers.
Thanks to our tech and services, our clients can now put payment data -a first-party data we consider the gold standard to understand shopping behaviours- at the heart of their strategy for them to take better decisions.

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The way it works is simple and seamless so any brand can actually offer the best omnichannel experience to any shopper: he or she links his card to the brand loyalty program, becomes a member, is automatically identified when paying with his card, online and/or offline and can immediately enjoy exclusive benefits, from personalized rewards to e-wallets with his.her e-receipts and, in this case, a "buy now pay later" option.

Personalised credit scoring and shopper's flexibility

This shopper benefit has been in every mouth around the world lately. How to ease the burden on the shopper's budget while allowing him to spend more without risk? This is the question Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) or fractional payment answers. It offers shoppers to delay paying for his latest purchases in a store or a shopping place.
A booming concept that fits in with current economic logic in a post-pandemic recovery context. A good opportunity for brands to get closer to shoppers by adding a new service. We recently launched a BNPL benefit with shopping center Okabé in the Paris region.

BNLP 3-2

Thanks to the payment data we get from the shopper’s card linking, we now are able to provide personalised credit scoring to offer shoppers, and newly members of the Okabé program, a payment facility on their next or previous shopping session, in all the stores and brands which are part of Okabé’s program (all of them in that case).

“Once a shopper links his card, we can evaluate if he or she is eligible thanks to payment data,  giving us a 90-day overview of his.her expenses”, tells us Nicolas Maudet, one of our Customer Success Managers (CSM).

In terms of privacy, it’s the same thing than a regular 4-instalment payment that you've been offered on shopping websites for years, less the personalisation and the incentive, usually on a single payment, with a single brand, with way less flexibility. That’s where Spaycial BNPL makes a lots of difference. 

Members of Okabé's program can :

  •  pick the date they wish to start reimbursing -when they get paid at the end of the month for instance;
  •  choose the length of the overall instalment;
  •  extend their period or make an early repayment. 

One shopping centre, multiple stores, on BNPL benefit

Also, with this shopping center scaled BNPL, we’re not like a simple instalment program. We can provide one single offer for all the purchases made in different stores. Making Okabé's program more legit than ever.

For retailers, this could also mean showing shoppers how well they can now be treated, as our BNPL can also be triggered after a shopper pays.
After he uses his card, our tech automatically identifies him or her, and sends him a message offering an instalment offer, to save him some money for the given time. The kind of shopper’s benefits which will not go unnoticed.

BNLP with Spaycial

“We can also trigger the purchase upstream, as we manage campaigns and send texts to potentially interested members, telling them that their next purchases could come with a BNPL solution”, adds Nicolas Maudet.